Historic villa with park and appliances


Riferimento 9049
Prezzo 1.892.414 €
Tipologia Villa
Contratto vendita
Comune Arezzo
Mq 900
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

The subject of this sale is a historic villa with related appliances located in Arezzo (AR) in the town of Sant ’Andrea a Pigli n ° 45. The villa was built at the end of the 1400s, on three floors plus attic and internally frescoed and restored in 1924. On the ground floor there is the main entrance, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms, plus some rooms to service. On the first floor there is a library, a study and three bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the second floor there are two large living rooms with important fireplaces and three bedrooms, one with a bathroom. On the attic floor there are some utility rooms, a laundry room with dining area, a bedroom and a kitchen with living room. Internally the finishes are in a good state of conservation, many in line with the type of property, the main systems are present and in a fair state of conservation, with LPG heating, which leads to an external thermal power plant. Only the roof is in a precarious state of conservation, causing infiltration damage also to the floors below and needs its complete renovation. Included in the sale are some appurtenant buildings serving the villa, located near the villa, including deposits, canopies, garages and an old stone building, once used as a dwelling for servants. Externally the complex is surrounded by a large park, partly well planted. Properties with some discrepancies, better identified in the attached appraisal. Property is currently occupied by the executives' family members.Gross villa: about 230sqm per floorGross Deposit (sub 2): 118sqmGross Deposit (sub 4): 45sqmGross Deposit (sub 5): 128sqmGross garage (sub 8): 44sqmCanopy area (sub 9): 63sqmSup Gross Cellar (sub 10): 68sqmSup gross servitude house (sub 11): 259sqmSup gross servitude house (sub 12): 237sqmGross garage space: 31sqmSup park: 7592mqFull ownership of:Villa (CF): Sheet 66 - Particle 282 - A / 8Deposits (CF): Sheet 66 - Particle 278 - sub 2, 3, 5 - Cat C / 2Canopies (CF): Sheet 66 - Particle 278 - sub 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 - Cat C / 7Servitude house (CF): Sheet 66 - Particle 278 - sub 11, 12 - Cat A / 4Garage (CF): Sheet 66 - Particle 278, 292 - sub 8 - Cat C / 6Park (CT): Sheet 66 - Particle 280, 281, 283, 671We accept bids up to a minimum value equal to 75% of the basic auction price.For more information contact our Area Contact Person.Publication carried out on behalf of the Proceeding Creditor Visita l'immobile: https://www.realestatediscount.com/aste-immobili/villa-storica-con-corte-e-annessi-9171/